Preparing for take off..

Procrastinating and dealing with my teething monster. Dad traveling with work and horrid cramps to add a cherry on top. I have had zero motivation to blog..

These past few weeks have been a blur. Couldn't go fast enough yet went by pretty fast. The first day of August I wished for it to fly by. Now that September is here, My sons first birthday is creeping up along with a lot of traveling about to happen. Here I am procrastinating, What I do best..

We are in so much trouble once he becomes a teenager and eats our whole refrigerator..

We are in so much trouble once he becomes a teenager and eats our whole refrigerator..

This past weekend. I was able to meet up with my In laws for a little get away in San Diego. Blake was able to spend time with family and not prevail as the sheltered hermit as we have been living.  Beach and Park, And Lots of food. He was amazing everyone at every meal with how much food he could consume in one sitting. Dad unfortunately had to miss out due to the schedule with his work. We missed him the entire time. I oddly didn't take many photos. Blake kept me busy..

This next few days we are preparing for our big trip to WV. First stop Arizona. Where we are from and where all of the family resides. I was bummed we wouldn't be able to make it to Disney for Blake's birthday like we had originally planned. But now we get to have a little party for him with our immediate family. ( If anyone wants to come message me ) Catering and Cake. I am really looking forward to everyone being able to get together for his first. Many photos to come. 

With Uncle Seth on his favorite the CarousalΒ 

With Uncle Seth on his favorite the Carousal 

Blake is Now and Finally walking ! With his 8th tooth poking through as well. Continuing to get into EVERYTHING. Getting things done around the house is a real challenge. Along with this packing venture I am putting off.. It's not just a weekend away kind of packing. It's a two weeks worth of living to pack and reuse for the next 8 weeks or so. Many challenges and adventures ahead. But I am looking forward to it. So very thankful that we have the opportunity to travel somewhere and keep the family together. 

Wish me luck on packing..